Friday, April 8, 2011

Our 2011 Teams Part 1

We are sending six teams to Ukraine this year! I've asked our team leaders to write thoughts about their teams. In this blog we are focusing on three teams: Imagine, Freedom, and Mayak. Enjoy! -DBW

Team Imagine: Texas & North Carolina  
Team Imagine – God is so much the God that is more than we can ask or imagine.  After last year’s last minute changes, constant challenges, team-cementing love, and meetings with wonderful kids at three camps instead of just one, we are so excited to see what he does with us this year.  It will once again be more than we can ask or imagine.  Our team is so way excited to be going to Camp [insert name of camp here – because we don’t really know where he’s sending us and that is just the way we like it].  May God bless us and use us. -Terry Kile, Team Leader

Team Freedom: Huntsville, Texas
Team Freedom can best be described as a small band of the Lord’s army, mature in years but young at heart.  Our team is comprised of nine members from the Hwy 30 Church of Christ in Huntsville, Texas.  Working in the children’s summer camp program with EEM will be a new experience for everyone.  We contemplate our time at Camp Smerichka with eager anticipation…and moments of high anxiety.  Confident of God’s faithfulness, we know that our efforts to share His story of love will be used to make a difference in the future of Ukraine.  Our prayer is to plant the SEED that will bring many souls to Jesus one day.  -Frank Farr, Team Leader

Team Mayak - As a remote team, we always look forward to the weekend of Team Training. This is the first and only time our entire team will be together until the day before leaving for the camp this summer.

"Distance Team" Mayak: from everywhere!
With anticipation and a little trepidation, I see the weekend approach. I think to myself, "What will the new team members be like? Will they like me? Will our personalities clash or mesh? Should I bring my tennis shoes or just my flip flops?" I walk into the hotel with bated breath. Looking to my right and to my left, I scan the hotel guests looking for anyone that looks like a Felton, Dale or Lloyd. I am thankful this year that my husband, Todd, and my daughter, Madison, are there to support me as I voice my fears. I see Inna and Darryl and let out a deep breath. It is good to see old friends. After a great visit with these two amazing leaders of the training, I look at the hotel desk and see two regal looking guests. I approach them and say, "You wouldn't happen to be Betty and Felton would you?" Thankfully they say yes. After this, the new members of Team Mayak keep streaming in. It is soon time to meet in my room for dinner and the getting-to-know-you session. "Will our members be open? Will they be patient and understanding with each other?" BBQ, cokes and potato salad are consumed with vigor. I am excited my team knows how to eat well! We begin our session. It starts off with a bang! Tears are shed by the buckets....mostly the men....chuckles and giggles follow. Wow!!! I LOVE this team. Less than 3 hours after we meet, we are all a team and a family. The rest of the weekend is a blur of activity, bonding and love. Everyone on the team takes a role. Everyone is helpful and willing to jump in where needed. They like me! They really like me!

I have great expectations for this team. I see the children at camp surrounding Dale as he struggles to make the hemp bracelet. I see kids hugging Betty as she shows them pictures of her grandchildren. I picture Melodye sitting and listening as a child tells her his story. I look forward to introducing our translators to this amazing group of people I grew to love in 3 days. I think it is safe to say that Camp Mayak will never be the same after 2 weeks with Team Mayak! -Virginia Stubbs, Assistant Team Leader

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