Sunday, June 20, 2010

What an Idea: Borscht Fest!

Congratulations to Erika and Christine Berglund of Spring Hill, Tennessee! They hit upon a wonderful idea to help Erika raise her funds for Ukraine this year. Welcome to Borscht Fest! When they began discussing the idea of having a fund raising dinner in their home congregation they didn't realize just how their idea would capture the imagination of others. Several ladies and various members got wind of the idea and volunteered to get the ball rolling.

The youth minister's wife and youth intern decorated the tables with Sunflowers (a national symbol for Ukraine) and table cloths in the traditional colors of the Ukrainian flag (yellow and blue). Christine commented: "so many people volunteered to bring soup and bread, we took up about twelve baskets afterward!"  It is a beautiful thing to hear how God's people join together to accomplish a task--especially when that task involves sending one of their own to serve, share God's word, and love on children! Kudos to the Spring Meadow Church of Christ and your energetic support of the Berglunds and Eastern European Mission's efforts in Ukraine! Thank you and God bless!
The Spring Meadows Church of Christ rallied behind Erika and her mom. Even though their pulpit minister, Dale Jenkins, was not a fan of borscht, he excitedly and good-naturedly promoted the event. 

What they had hoped would raise $400 ended up raising over $600!
Erika Berglund is a member of Team Agape and will be traveling to Camp Smerichka in the Ivano Frankivsk region later this summer.Team Agape is led by Geoff Casella and Terry Montgomery from Houston, Texas.

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