Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Team Inspire

It has been a blessing to be able to lead Team Inspire for the third year this summer. While Inspire has been referred to as the "LCU" Team, we have always been diverse with members of different ages from various states. This year we have people from both Texas and New Mexico. As many team leaders can relate, trying to get distanced team members involved is always a concern. But I was very encouraged by the way everyone interacted when they were finally able to meet at Team Training. We seem to have a good mix of quiet leaders and outgoing personalities.

Our “plan” is to return to camp Baby Eagle where we taught last year.  I’m really excited because our team has a very “take charge” attitude.  Last year was a learning year and I’m interested to see how we deal with the challenges of a large camp.  Working in the youth camps has been a time to reflect on God’s larger story and I’m blessed to have a team that’s willing to participate in it.         

-Gabe Fisher, Team Leader

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