Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Team Training for 2010 Team Members

Team Training is here! This year's event is scheduled at the Hyatt Place in Grapevine. We are expecting 58 team members comprising five teams to be present for this exciting and informative time together.

What happens at Team Training? First of all, you get to hang out with some really intense and committed people who love God, love kids, and love Ukraine! The weekend begins with sharing of the joys and successes of last year's camp program as veteran team members share their stories and their pictures with the group. 

Secondly, you learn about the culture and history of Ukraine. Ukraine is truly an amazing place filled with amazing people. They have a rich and textured history filled with the dizzying heights of triumph and and the depths of heart-breaking, bone-crushing tragedy.

You will also learn about what happens during camp sessions, how to work with Ukrainian children, and how to build relationships with both campers and camp staff.

Next, there is the experience of Ukrainian food! Well, perhaps that's not something to get really excited about because we want you to experience life at camp. So the food we feed you will be similar to what you would eat at a typical summer camp in Ukraine. During lunch you receive a sack of goodies and at supper we will all enjoy a meal at the Russian Banya of Dallas.
Teams have a chance to spend time together for planning and work. There is competition to see how much you've learned about the history and culture and how well they learn some Russian and/or Ukrainian songs. There is also the opportunity to examine the curriculum, prepare a lesson, and present it before the group.

But the best thing about Team Training is being able to gather with like minded people and focus on how God is moving through every day people like you and me in order to change a nation. By showing love, building relationships, and sharing God's word we can be used to gradually transform a nation into a place where God's kingdom is growing and spreading.

Team Training is this weekend! I can't wait to see you!

-Darryl Willis-

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